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Box Way - BMV-1055


 Specification of New Yang BMV1055 

  1. The structure parts are manufactured from Meehanite cast iron for maximum stability. All structural parts are tempered, stress relieved and combined with durable rib reinforcement to upgrade the machine rigidity and stability. This also assured lifetime accuracy of the machine.
  2. The major structures of the machine are analyzed and designed by the advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEM), featuring optional rigidity of structure, high speed machining resistance and low gravity center.
  3. The box way surfaces are hardened and precision ground. Slide-way surfaces are coated with wear-resistant media are low friction, coefficient, and precision scraped to assure accurate and smooth movement.
  4. The column is a Y shape construction for outstanding rigidity and stability.
  5. Precision linear-ways on 3 axes with extra smooth movement make the machine excellent for high speed and high precision machining.
  6. A laser unit is applied for inspection and calibrating the positioning accuracy. Inspection n made according to German VDI3441 standards. In addition, a ball bar tester is also applied for inspection static, dynamic circularity accuracy, servo and geometric error.  

Fanuc AC Spindle Motor
Maximum Horse Power
15/20 HP
Maximum Speed
8,000 RPM (Std.)/10,000/12,000/15,000RPM(Opt.)
X Axis
41.3" (1050mm)
Y Axis
21.6" (550mm)
Z Axis
21.6" (550mm)
Table Size
47.2" x 21.65" (1200mmx550mm)
Load Capacity
1,320 lb. (600kg)
Number of T-Slot x Size x Pitch
4 x 0.71" (18mm) x 4.9" (125mm)
Rapid Feed Rate
X,Y: 630 ipm (16m/min), Z: 590 ipm (15m/min)
Cutting Feed Rate
0.04 - 394 ipm (1~10mm/min)
Tool Type
CAT-40 (Std.)/BT-40/CAT50/BT50 (optional)
Maximum Tool Weight
15.4 lb. (7kg) /each
Maximum Tool Length
10" (250mm)
Tool Magazine Capacity
20 (Carouse) /24 (Arm)
Table Positioning
±0.0002"/12” (0.005mm)
±0.00015" (0.0038mm)
Power Requirement
220V, 3 Phase, 75Amps
Power Consumption
25 kVA
Pneumatic Pressure
6 kgs/cm^2 (minimum)
Machine Weight
13,420 lb. (6,100kg)

Standard Accessories:                Opertional Accessories:   
Fanuc 0i-MD                                     Spindle oil cooler
Fanuc 8.4” color LCD                        Chain type chip conveyor
Arm type tool changer CAT 40          ZF gearbox
Heat Exchange                                 CAT50 arm tool changer
Bed shower                                      Spindle CAT50
Screw chip conveyor                         4th axis interface
Full splashguard                               4th axis rotary table/indexer
Working light                                    Spindle RPM 10,000/12,000/15,000 
Tri-colors indicator                            Coolant thru spindle
RS232 interface                                Renishaw TS27R tool probe
Automatic lubrication                        Renishaw MP12 work piece measurement